Health of Water System

By: Victoria Frazier and Hunter Bowser

About the health of the water system

Water plays an important part of our life. Humans, Organisms and other factors are examples of why our water is polluted. Dissolved oxygen, temperature, nitrates, pH, turbidity, and biologilcal indiacators. Read more to find out.

Dissolved Oxygen and Temperature.

Dissolved Stress-Just as you need oxygen to live, so do fish and other organisms that live in streams and lakes. The oxygen dissolved in the water is called dissolved oxygen, or DO. Levels of DO are below 4.0 mg/L in fresh water and cause stress and possiably death. Temperature- changes also effects DO levels. For example cold water holds more oxygen then more water. facilities such as nuclear power plants can increase the temperature of the lakes and rivers when they use the water as a cooling agent.  

Other biological factors.

The last one that has the most effect of the water system

Biological indicators of water quality

Scientist use a variety of aquatic plants and animals as indicators of water equality. Among the most important biological indicators of the health of the water system are fishes. fishes live in water there entire life and respond to chemical, physical, and bilogical changes in there enviorment in characteristic ways.

how are they bad to the health of our water system.

Water, rivers, and lakes are polluted by Dissolved Oxygen, Temperature, Nitrates, pH, Turbidity, and Biological Indecators.  Some ways to prevent these thing to happening is:Not litering, pick up waste, and stop oil from spilling into our oceans.