Republic of Chad

Culture of Republic of Chad

The People

Chad has a population of about 9.5 million people and growing at about 3% annually. About 75% of the people lives in rural areas. N'Djamena is the largest city and the capital. About 1/2 of the people live in the south, 1/3 live in the center, and the rest north of the Sahara


Usually people in Chad greet each other properly. When they are in a family get together, they all shake hands beginning with the old people, then men, then women. People in Chad knock by clapping outside of someones house. People in Chad visit relatives on a regular basis, usually on Sundays, or they just come unannounced.


In Chad, men can have as many children and wives as he would like depending on his job and religion. Usually girls marry at a very young age, like in their teenage years. Sometimes teens date discreetly. Rural muslim girls do not date.


The president is elected and in office for five years until the next election. Chad is one of the worlds poorest countries. The education starts at 1st grade and lasts until the same amount as the second year of college. Most people drop out at 6th grade.