Eat Your Leafy Greens!

A record System of my Passion Project

Time Line of this Project

When I first found out what the Passion Project was, I thought "Hmm... This sounds interesting. One of my favorite things to do is sketch, but I'm already taking a drawing class. What else is interesting to me?" My mom inspired me to do something outside, since I love camping. "You could start a garden for the school?" She suggested. I though about that. I liked the idea, and I thought that the school would too. How would I ask Mr. Hart? He needed to know. I set up a meeting with Mr. Hart on Monday, December 6. I told him about my plans for the school garden. He seemed to like the idea, but there was one thing. He didn't know what things I could plant, not plant, or if I could provide the school with vegetables. He gave me the email address of the nead lunch lady. The next day, she told me that I wouldn't be able to give the school vegatables, but I could continue with my project. The school could still have a garden, but we wouldn't eat them. We could donate them to the Giving Tree, or Paul's Pantry. I had to contact my grandpa, because he works at Paul's Pantry. I decided to use the pantry because the Giving Tree used mostly canned items, and if I would be donating things like tomatoes and herbs, Paul's Pantery would be better. I called Paul's Pantery and they said that I would be able to give them veggies and herbs. Mrs. Schuh and Ms. Walsh gave me a few ideas of what I could do with the garden. Option A was to tie in the summer school program about gardening into that. The teacher could use the garden and teach kids how to do gardening things. Option B was to plant flowers instead and give the flowers to people around the community. I thought we could do somewhat both at the same time, but we are still thinking about it.