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2T Edison School *April 4th, 2016* Mrs. Tallman

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A Non-Fiction Report!

The students will begin writing a Non-fiction report on an insect this week. Please help your child find some resources (books, internet print outs, magazines) by April 7th. Thanks in advance for your help with this!


This week, we will ponder the question, “What can you learn from signs in your community?” In the humorous fiction story The Signmaker’s Assistant, a town’s residents learn that they can’t always believe what they read. We will also read the play The Trouble with Signs.

Target Vocabulary: assistant, agreed, polite, failed, tearing, wisdom, trouble, cleared

Phonics Skills: Words with r-controlled vowels ar (car)

Spelling words: carpet, yard, arm, car, star, party, hard, part, spark, start, jar, apartment, sound, talk, please **chart

Vocabulary Strategy: Synonyms

Comprehension Skill: Text and graphic features- tell how words work with art

Comprehension Strategy: Question – asking questions about what you are reading

Writing: Non Fiction Report

Students will learn to write a Nonfiction Report. They will learn to use a Research Notebook to organize their ideas. They will use resources to write notes on details about their topics. The students will observe how to take the interesting facts they find in books, articles and internet resources and put them into their own words. Once they have collected multiple facts for each section of their report; features, habitat, diet and life cycle, they will begin drafting an informational paragraph for each section of their report.


Rocks and Minerals

This week, students will observe and describe the properties of 12 rocks. Students will sort the rocks according to similarities and differences they observe. Then the students will be challenged to describe and discuss the properties they used to sort the rocks. After sharing, the class will sort the rocks according to properties suggested by fellow classmates.


Chapter 8

Review and Wrap Up

Chapter 8


Chapter 9 Introduction: Volume

Measure in liters. solve real-world problmes with volume.

Chapter 9 Lesson 1

Explore and compare volume.

Volume is the amount of water in a container.

You Can Compare Volume

Order different amounts of water

Chapter 9 Lesson 2

Use liters to estimate, measure and compare volume.

Compare the amount of liquid a container can hold to a liter.

Use a measuring cup to measure volume.

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to Micah! Micah will turn 8 on April 2nd. We will make Micah a book and celebrate his birthday with him!

Mark Your Calendars:

April 4-6th Book Fair

April 5th- 2T shops at Book Fair

April 8th- Guy and Gal Social

April 11th- WEB Intro.

April 13th- half Day- bring a snack

April 20th- Jump Rope For Heart- 2T jumps at 2:00

April 22nd- Special lady and Guy Social

April 22nd- Character Counts

April 29th- Spirit Day


• Please have your child put their name and number on all assignments.

*Please label all of your child's belongings!

*It is still warm in our classroom, please help your child to dress appropriately and to bring a water bottle each day!