Miss Colsten's Weekly Newsletter

March 18, 2016

Important Dates

TONIGHT is Candy Bar Bingo night at TCE!

March 18: 6:00-8:30

(Sorry I haven't had this in our newsletter sooner!)

March 21: Rock Your Socks Day!

"On March 21, wear bold, brightly colored, mismatched socks. You will probably get asked, "What's with the socks?” That question will give you the perfect opportunity to explain that 3/21 is World Down Syndrome Day, and that you are celebrating all the wonderful things about people with Down syndrome while helping to advocate for individual rights, inclusion, and respect. "

March 29: Career Fair
Guests are invited to come and view our finished Community Helper projects. All are invited! No background check required because we have hired a police officer to be on site. (2:00-3:00)


April 21: Class Play background check required to attend (10:00 and 1:30)

April 29: Field Trip to the Fishers Municipal Complex

May 6: Muffins with Mom (9:30)

May 13th: Field Trip to the Indianapolis Zoo

This Week...

In reading we are looking at the plot in a story and determining the important details, what helps us retell and what helps us sequence. We're also pulling these ideas right into our writing, as we begin to add more detail to our stories. This week we're finishing up books on "how to make a rainbow". We've also been focusing on long vs. short vowel sounds. The long vowels are when "a vowel shouts its name". We've also been using "Super E!" to help us learn how to spell words like make and cape. (Super E often makes vowels shout their name.)

In math we are working on counting to 100, but starting in different places. The hundreds chart has been helpful, as this can be a little tricky. Especially if Miss Colsten gives us a number like 72 and we have to count up! We're also reviewing coin identification, greater than/less than, patterns and measurement.

This week we've also been researching all about weather and clouds, check out the picture below!

New Sight words: away came


Since we learned all about rainbows last week, we realized we had a lot of questions or "I wonder.." statements about weather. So, we're diving into all things weather related. We started with clouds this week and have been going out daily to track the change in clouds and how it affects our weather. We learned there's a big word for someone who studies the weather... we are becoming meteorologists!
Big image

Happy St. Patrick's Day

We were shocked to find that a math game was taken from our room on Thursday, but a trail of gold dust was left in it's place. We had a blast building leprechaun traps and although we did not catch him, he left us some lucky pennies!