BJHS School News

By: Paul M.

Bullying at BJHS

Bullying at BJHS can be a real problem. Today the facility and staff are cracking down on bulling in our school. Some of the ways the school is cracking down is making videos for your round table to watch. Other ways is hanging up poster that are anti-bulling. To me this is a start and bulling has cut back in our school. With your help bullying could be little to none in our school. How do you feel bulling in our school.
Bullying interview at BJHS

After School Activities and Clubs at BJHS

BJHS offers many after school activities for students to participate in. Just Some of the activities are Chess, Scholastic Bowl, Minecraft Club, and Many more. These Clubs are a great way to meet new people and participate in different fun way to learn about school or your hobbies from a different point of view. You can also learn something new from these activities. One of the Clubs is the 3D printer club, where you get to learn how to make new 3D designs you also get to bring them to life and print them out in the IMC. If you are interested in one of many options there are a few requirements. One is that you must be passing all of your classes and the other is to get your parents permission. If can do these simple task then you will have a ball with the BJHS after school activites and clubs.

About BJHS

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