Data security



nowadays the computer world isn't only fun sadly its also very dangerous!

The number of suicides have increased because of alot of mistakes that mostly teenagers do. The main mistake of this ones is giving too much information or posting the wrong pictures.these are some points about security but my main advice would be think before you type or post. Protect yourself make your brain think that this comment,picture ect. is going to be public everybody you know will view it.

Pin Numbers

Pin stands for personal identification number. It is a secret number or code which is shared between a user and a system in order to access and use that system or site. It is used as a way of authenticating your identity.

Biometric Scanners

These are electrical machines which can authenticate your identity by reading a physical feature from a person like their fingerprints or an eye scan of their iris.


Encryption is a way of encoding data so that it cannot be read or understood by others, only by the people who are using this form of coding. It is used to protect data from hackers, especially banking details.

Computer Forensics

This is a way of invesrigeting and analysing a compute device to retrive data in order to present in a court of law