No Recess Time Is A Big Crime

By: Nick Adams

The No Recess Scam

Have you been in this situation before were you can't wait to go outside for recess then your teacher with long hair cancels it well ive been there before. On tuesday february 23rd 4 kids were talking and Mr.Kimmel kept the whole class in for recess, that's not fair. But what is really sad is that there was a new kid and it was his first day, so wouldn't that be a bad first day experience, not getting recess on the first day.

Do you know what that can do to you Mr Kimmel

So mr Kimmel keeps us in for recess but does he know what staying inside can do to your body and your brain? Well if you stay inside for recess and don't go routside for recess it's extremly unhealthy your body needs fresh air and it's a good way for kids to learn cooperation and make new friends. Also if you sit down at a desk for to long it bends your spine forward and soon you'll looklike the guy on the end. Also did you know that 40 pecent of schools have cut recess and those shools test scores have gone down ever since.

Beleve Me Now Reader

So as you have seen in the picture above staying inside for recess is bad for your brain. So this leads me to my question should mr kimmel cancel recess for everyone if a few people are bad? P.s now please wach the video made by me to learn more about what staying inside can do to you.
Side Effects of Staying Inside
Affects on your body after not going outside for recess