Mrs. Coulter - The Northern Lights

By Tegan Burns

Meet Mrs. Coulter

Mrs. Coulter is presented in the early stages of the Northern Lights. She appears very young and beautiful and entrances all the children. Lyra believed she had "an air of glamour" around her. She is a remarkable lady and is very important in Phillip Pullmans Northern Lights. We also figure out in the later end of the book that her real name is Marisa Coulter but she is greatly revered to as Ms. Coulter
Ms. Coulter's daemon is a golden monkey which shows how rich and important she really is. When Lyra first meets Ms. Coulter she is told that her husband died very sadly in an accident many years ago but we can see that she names herself Mrs. Coulter, meaning she is married. Later on in the story we find that Ms. Coulter is married to Lord Asriel and they are Lyra's parents.

Another big part of Ms. Coulter's role in the Northern lights is that she is the head and founder of the General Oblation Board which is greatly known as the,"Gobblers." The "gobblers,"are the association which take children to test them on various dust particles. From this, and some other events, we can see that Ms. Coulter is actually a very cruel person and one of the "baddies" in the northern lights. Her job is to charm kids to go with her so they can test them and she does this by entrancing the children with her beauty.