Ernest Heminngway

By: Rhett Kubeczka

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Sweet facts about Ernest Hemingway's military career

  • Ernest served in the Italian army as a ambulance driver.
  • He married a nurse Agnes von Kurowsky but soon after she left for another man.
  • He wrote a book about his time in WWI called "A Farewell to Arms."
  • For his serves, he earned the gifted Italian Silver Medal of Bravery.
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Random facts about Ernest!

  • His writing style was based on crime and pulp fiction novels.
  • His mother dressing him up as a little girl.
  • He received the Nobel Prize in 1954.
  • He was seriously injured in two successive plane crashes.
Mini BIO - Ernest Hemingway

More facts!

  • He had a six toed cat.
  • He was a failed KGB Spy.
  • He sharks with machine guns.
  • He Believed He Was Under Government Surveillance
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Even more facts!

  • He stole a urinal
  • He once published a recipe for apple pie in his column.
  • He was accused of War Crimes after WWII.
  • He caught seven marlin in one day.
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Last of the epic facts!

  • He killed himself with his favorite shotgun.
  • Hemingway’s sister and brother, and also his father committed suicide as well.
  • His son, Patrick, worked as a big-game hunter.
  • Clarence(one of his wifves) wanted his son to become a doctor, but Hemingway refused.
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