My Secret War

The Jornal Of Madeline Beck

Meet Madeline Beck,

At 12 years old in Long Island, New York Madeline hears from the Jew living in her home and what horrible things are happening in Germany. With her father, over seas fighting she worries that something could happen to him. In the process she and a fellow classmate of hers decide to start a club supporting the army. Madeline starts raising money and food for the fighters and is so excited. Until her father is badly injured, not hearing from him for weeks supply's lots of stress towards her and her mother. When she's had enough she decides to leave for the night at take a walk to the beach. She comes across a alarming discovery. She find a pack of German cigarettes. When a man with a very heavy German accent comes up to her and says some words that scare her for weeks. She can't forget about what he said.


Madeline learns in the book that she was being very selfish and she was acting like she didn't care about anyone's feelings. Her friends and family begin ignoring her because she was bring selfish and she was acting like she didn't want anything to do with them. In the end she apologizes to them and she gets the group back together. I think the theme is the fact that when your feeling down you shouldn't blame it on the people who want to help you because it's no ones fault. In the book she realized she had to keep going and she couldn't just sit in her room all day.

Events That Actually Occured:

In the book Madeline lives with a man named Theo, Theo works out by the bay and catches fish as a job. There is word that the Germans have U-Boats spying on them but thinks they are just rumors. When Theo finds they are true Madeline becomes interested and finds the cigaretts.

This actually happened during World War II, the Germans spyed on the US along the cost. The Germans also hid some stuff along the cost. One thing includes a box that was made to look like a lump of coal. Inside the fake lump of coal was stuff to make a bomb. Someone came across it and told the FBI.

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On June 13th 1942, four men landed on a beach in Long Island, New York bringing along explosives. On June 17th 1942 another group landed near Jacksonville, Florida. Thier objective was to bomb America and scare the American people. All eight were arrested without completing thier objective. One received life in prison, another 30 years, and the rest were sentenced to death. The saboteurs also went to many different shores and spyed, including Florida shores. A coast guard officer spotted them, they bribed him but afterwards the man went to the headquarters and reported the incident. It was already to late though, the men had reached a train and headed to NYC. Dasch was located by a call he made and was taken into custody. Part of the Florida group Kerling and Theil had been caught and arrested also. In the end all eight saboteurs were arrested and were put as guilty.