Exponent Laws

by Rosalynn Knoble

What are Exponents?

Exponents are ways to show how many times a number, called the base, is multiplied times itself. A number with an exponent is always though of as "raised to the power".

The Laws

Multiplication: x^n+x^m=x^n+m

Power of a Power: (x^n)^m=x^nm

Division: x^n/x^m=x^n-m

Power of fraction: (x/y)^n=x^n/y^n


2^2 x 2^3

In order to solve this, follow the steps below.

1.) figure out what you need to do with the exponents, in this case you will add them.

- 2^2 x 2^3 = 2^5.

2.) next, you simplify.

- 2^5 = 2 x 2 x 2 x 2 x 2= 32.