Broadcast Media

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What is broadcast media?

Broadcast media is any advertising the is done over radio or television.

Types or examples

*TV Commercials

*Radio Commercials


How is broadcast media sold?

Like this...

Unlike print media, where advertisements are sold by space, broadcast media is sold by time slots. Certain times are more viewed, or listened to so they cost more. Between 8-11, and 4-6 is the best time to advertise on the radio. Primetime, 7-11, is the best time to advertise on TV. The price is determined by gross rating points (GRPs), the time slot you want may be more expensive if it's during Primetime. Primetime has the most GRPs, therefore the price to advertise is higher.

Pros and Cons


*It has a wide reach, yet still somewhat specific

*It can appear on several different stations simultaniously

*It is the most popular, and visually appealing


*The target market cannot be as directly influenced

*Could be expensive

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