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Principal's Message

This past month we added some new art work just outside our school office. This artwork represents what our staff at Elmdale School are wanting to foster in all Our Children here at Elmdale School. The process for establishing the values, skills, dispositions, and knowledge that we hope our students learn and experience began back in January. During powerful and inspirational conversations with teachers and staff, we were able to establish the vision of Our Elmdale Children.

The work now begins by planning and implementing these values, skills, dispositions, and knowledge in the lessons that teachers plan.

On April 28th, you will have received an email from our school regarding the Hanover School Division and Elmdale School's interest in community feedback via Thought Exchange. I would like to encourage all our families to take advantage of this opportunity to share your thoughts and answer questions regarding your child's education at Elmdale School in the Hanover School Division.

I hope everyone has a fantastic month of May!

Take care,

Mr. Colin Campbell

Principal: Elmdale School

Email: ccampbell@hsd.ca

Bucket Filling at Elmdale School

Bucket filling at Elmdale School has grown tremendously. Bucket filling is becoming part of the language that we use in our school and we plan on continuing to use the bucket filling language in our school moving forward. I would encourage parents to visit http://www.bucketfillers101.com/ for books and resources to explain more about the positive impact bucket filing can have on young children.
Bucket Filling at Elmdale School

PrinciPal Winners for the month of April

Emma J. 1E; Natalya M. 1J; Roslyn T. 1M; Colston L. 2F; Ciara O. 2R; Hayden S. 2T; Zachary F. 3B; Kendall P. 3G; Karissa L. 3T; Merolyn H. 4D; Cesar D. 4M; Kadi J. 1E; Kylan A. 1J; Alain D. 1M; Ellie F. 2R; Brielle M. 2T; Dominik K. 3B; Rylen F. 3G; Elliot B. 3T; James K. 4D; Renier R. 4M; Cassandra K. 1E; Maliyah W. 1J; Sierra M. 1M; Jayla W. 2F; Spencer T. 2R; Ryder D. 2T; Dom K. 3B; Danielle S. 3G; Jose T. 3T; Janessa S. 4D; Kaeden W. 4M.

NEW Parent Council Members Needed

Click for more details.

Kindergarten 2016-2017 Orientation and Screening

Parents and their pre-kindergarten children are invited to a kindergarten orientation on May 4 at 5:30pm. Parents of pre-kindergarten children have been notified of their child's May 5 or 6 screening interview time. Each child will attend stations that review the development of concepts, speech, and language. There will be regular kindergarten classes on these dates.

The Day in the life of a Grade 4 student at Elmdale School

Day in the Life of a Grade 4 Student

2016-2017 Class Placement Request

Requests for class placement are discouraged, but may be requested for educational reasons only. The educational request, must be submitted in writing to the school principal by May 13th.

Stonybrook Middle School Orientation

Stonybrook Middle School invites you to meet the Teachers, Principal, and Vice Principal May 19, 7:00pm

Clearspring Middle School Orientation

Clearspring Middle School invites you to meet the Teachers, Principals, and Vice Principal May 19, 7:00pm.

WISE Kid-Netic Energy Science & Engineering day camp is coming to Steinbach again this summer!

When: August 15-19, 2016

Where: Southwood School

Camp registration is currently open. There are 40 camper spots available, open to kids ages 9 – 12, by December 31, 2016. Each day campers will explore a different theme through fun hands-on activities. This year’s theme days include At the Heart of Science, Construction, Forensic Science, Marine Biology and Plants & Fungi. Registration fees are $100 and are on a first-come, first-serve basis. Registration is available online at www.wisekidneticenergy.ca. Sign up today!

Phone: 1-204-474-9340

Toll Free: 1-800-432-1960 ext. 9340

Fax: 1-204-474-7644

Email: wise@kidneticenergy.ca

Facebook: facebook.com/wisekidnetic

Twitter: @WISE_KidNetic

Annual Variety Show

In the next several weeks, Elmdale students will have the opportunity to participate in Grade level variety shows. These variety shows provide an excellent opportunity for Elmdale students to share an interest or talent they have with the rest of the school community. The variety shows are held Friday mornings during our regular assembly time (9:10 - 9:45). Watch for letters to come home in the coming weeks with more information.

Grade 1: May 6

Grade 2: May 13

Grade 3: May 20

Grade 4 May 27

Stars of the Future

Stars of the Future is a FREE preschool screening program for children ages 3-31/2, living in South East Manitoba. It is a onetime appointment to find out how your child is doing in the areas of speech and language, hearing, growth and development. Children that were born between July 1, 2012 and December 31, 2012 are invited to attend.

The appointment is about one hour long. When you arrive, the coordinator will check you in. Your child will be given a sticker sheet to take to each room where they will receive a sticker when they have completed the activities. You may have a short wait until the appointments from the previous hour are completed. There will be books for you and your child to read together while you wait. You and your child will then go to four different stations and see the following: a public health nurse; a speech language pathologist; an occupational therapist; and a parent led large motor activity station. At the end or depending on the wait for a clinician, your child will receive a small snack of Teddy grahams and apple juice. Questions and concerns about your child’s development may be addressed during the appointment. This appointment may lead to a referral for further assessment.

The Stars of the Future Spring 2016 will be held in Steinbach: Wednesday, May 4th and Thursday, May 5th. To book this FREE appointment for your child, please call 204-346-6136. Appointments are booking up quickly, so we encourage you to book your appointment early! If you want to book an appointment with a German translator, please call Gertrud at 204-346-6128.

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