Our 4th Grade Year

By Alexis and Kaylee


During gym in our bowling unit it was the best because we got to enjoy our time with Mrs.voigt. It was the best because mrs.voigt was our gym teacher that day. So we got to spend more time with her. Also she was so supportive to us. The whole class enjoyed it.


Our Madison trip was the best because we go to see a beautiful see nary on the way there. Even at the Capitol there was a lot of beautiful things to see for example the rooms had 22 carrot gold. It was so cool. Another thing is we got to meet Scott Walker. Everyone was amazed. After the picnic and launch all the classes went to different places in the campus. Our class went to bio tech. We got to play with DNA. On the way home we were all tired. But the best part was that we all got to experience something we have never done before.


Science was great to because at Mr. Maricques we got to build cars and race them. Also we got build battle bots. After we got to battle them to see who won. Our team lost every time which was OK. Also Mr. Maricque was pretty funny to.

Social Studies

In Social Studies at Mrs. Voigt's class we learned about immigration and there culture contributions. For example the Germans brought Pretzels and Pickles We even got to make a poem about them. We enjoyed it all.'


In Music we got to do recorders. It was fun because we got to train for a concert. The song were Hot crust buns,Marily we role along, Aud de clare lun la, goly old St.Nicolas, Old McDonalds, Oh When the saints and a ton more. It was all fun.


In art we got to do a lot of thing but the best thing was making silly faces out of clay. They were all unique. Also they were silly too. MrsZwicker loved them all. Everone enjoyed it too. Everyone had a good time to.


In math we did a lot of work and thinking but the best unit to us was algebra. We got to learn about shapes, lines of symmetry, angles and triangles. it was probably the easiest unit because we were paying attention. It was fun.


Library was fun to because we got to check out a lot of books and enjoy reading. We also got to watch cool videos also silly ones. They were all books getting told.