November 20, 2022

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The Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ, King of the Universe

Today's Gospel: Luke 23:35-43

Sometimes my prayers are like a child's. “God, it’s not fair! Why is everything so hard?” It’s natural to feel frustrated when we are struggling with our faith or our family or our lives in general. And it’s also natural to want things to be easier. Who likes a struggle?

But there are times when I sit at Mass and pray this way, and then I look up and see Him. Jesus is nailed to the cross. Jesus is wearing a crown of thorns.

And that’s our King.

Our own King suffered in this life. He didn’t have it easy: the Holy Family was poor, they were migrants at one time, escaping a cruel regime that wanted the Child dead. Jesus told His disciples that the Son of Man had nowhere to lay His head. And in the end, He was tortured and killed.

If my own King went through that suffering — and He did it for me! — then I know He understands when I suffer. In this life, my own King has a crown of thorns, not of gold.

But Jesus also promises us that when we know Him, we will bring us to glory in Heaven. So when this life is difficult, we can remember two things: Jesus, too, had a difficult life, and He will bring us to His Glory in Heaven when we remain faithful to Him.

Glory and praise to our King!

(Adapted from Catholic Mom's blog)

Semester 1 Deadline Fast Approaching

Are you hoping to finish your high school course for semester one? Are you taking another course semester two? If so, these deadlines are IMPORTANT for you!

All students who are wishing to complete their course in Semester 1 so they can have the necessary prerequisite for Semester 2 MUST complete course work by January 17/23.

Again, this is ONLY for high school students who are working in Semesters.

If you have any questions, please reach out to your teachers.

Diploma Exams begin Thursday, January 12th and your Semester 1 marks are due this week!

See the calendar at the end of the newsletter and write your Diploma Exam Dates down!

Please check PowerSchool to keep tabs on your marks. Teachers will place a temporary "0%" in when your work has not been handed in and is overdue. It is so important to attend to your learning on a regular basis.

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Metis Week is still going ...

Metis week is still going strong here at SILC.

Many of our graduates will be receiving their Metis Sash in June at Graduation. Please watch this video from Rupertsland Centre for Teaching and Learning to learn all about the signifigance of the Metis Sash.

The Métis Sash

It's never too early to prepare for your Math 30 Diploma Exams in January!

Here you will find some local Math 30 Diploma Prep courses. Everything you need to know to prepare yourselves for the Diploma Exam.

Math 30-1 Online Diploma Preparation

Math 30-2 Online Diploma Preparation

Elementary Classroom

Hello from Mrs.Oikonen!

Welcome to week 12! It is so great to be back and I have missed each and everyone of you and I can't wait to see you on Monday! Here is what we are going to be doing this week.

November Calendar

Grade 1 Newsletter

Grade 2 Newsletter

Grade 3 Newsletter

Grade 4 Newsletter

Grade 5 Newsletter

Grade 6 Newsletter

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Habitat for Humanity - Writing Contest Grades 4, 5, & 6

Habitat for Humanity - Writing Contest

The Meaning of Home contest is back for its 16th year on January 9th! The contest invites students in grades 4, 5, and 6 to submit a poem or essay explaining what home means to them. The Meaning of Home contest, in support of Habitat for Humanity, is a great opportunity for students to learn about giving back to their community and the importance of having a safe home while improving their creative writing skills and raising money for their local Habitat organization. The Meaning of Home contest is an activity that students will see as meaningful. It will challenge them to think creatively about a topic that directly impacts their lives—the meaning of home—and ultimately improve their writing skills. Each submission entered in the contest provides your local Habitat with a $10 donation from Sagen™ 1, founding sponsor of the contest. Three grand prize winners, who will receive $30,000 for their local Habitat, and 9 runner-up winners, who will receive $10,000 for their local Habitat, will also receive prizes for themselves and their class thanks to our generous contest sponsors.

Chesterton News

Greetings in Christ,

We are looking forward to our next in-person retreat, which will take place on Dec 2nd at Newman Theological College from 10AM-2PM.

It features a campus tour of Newman Theological College as well as information about their Bachelor of Arts in Catholic Studies, and the chance to meet some of their faculty.
Students are also invited to join NTC for Holy Mass in their college chapel, followed by a complimentary lunch.

The cost is free, however, students must confirm their attendance (as numbers are needed for the lunch) and submit the attached permission form to by November 24th.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

PS: A reminder that our next Chestersession, with Fr. Marc Cramer, will take place on Monday Nov 21st at 10AM (MST) via zoom.

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Off Campus News for our RAP & Green Certificate students.

Jill of All Trades

Thursday, November 24, 2022 (8:30AM-3:30PM) @ NAIT Main Campus (11762 106 St)

CAREERS will be supporting NAIT at Jill of All Trades. This workshop aims to expose female students to a variety of trades, technology and apprenticeship programs to encourage young women to consider the opportunities and benefits of a future in the skilled trades and technologies. Registration is required, please contact us for more information.

APPLICATION DEADLINE for Semester 2 opportunities:

DEC 15, 2022

As we approach the holidays and the end of semester 1, please submit any applications for semester 2 placements by December 15, 2022. Reminder: we have moved to one application for all high school programs, it can be found here. Completed applications can be submitted to your school’s program coordinator, Mrs. Melnyk -

Ag For Life - Feed Your Future Virtual Conference On Thursday November 24, virtually, from 9-12pm. Registration is required, and it is FREE... Check it out here:

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The Staff of 2022-2023

The Staff of 2022-2023:

Principal: Mrs. Tracy Melnyk

Assistant Principal: Mrs. Melissa Damur

Chesterton Headmaster: Dr. Gerard McLarney

Creative Director, Chesterton & Chaplain : Mrs. Justine Wright

Secretary: Mrs. Natalie Mangatal

Family Wellness Worker: Katy Parsons

Inclusive Learning Facilitator: Mrs. Shari Morin

Mrs. Christy Oikonen - Elementary (Grades 1-6)

Mr. Daniel Hughes - Jr / Sr Social Studies -

Mr. Brandon Geiger - Jr / Sr Science & Math -

Mrs. DeeDee Perrott - Sr. Science & Chesterton

Mrs. Eva Fung- Sr Math

Mr. Matthew Bennett - Jr High

Mrs. Katarina Urdova - Chesterton Math -

Mr. Brett Fawcett - Chesterton and Religious Studies -

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OLPH Parish Corner

Stay connected. Our parish makes it very easy for us all to attend. See the links below:

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Important Dates to Remember...

  • November 21 - Chestersession with Father Marc Cramer @ 10 am

  • December 2 - Chesterton Retreat to Newman Theological College

  • December 9 - Chestersession with Bishop David Motiuk - In person at OLPH

  • December 20 - Last day before Christmas Break

  • December 21- Januray 3 - Christmas Breal

  • January 4 - First day back from Christmas Break

  • January 12 - English 30 Diploma Exam - PART A @ 8:45 am

  • January 13 - Social 30 Diploma Exam - PART A @8:45 am

  • January 17 - Semester 1 Course Marks are Due (for semestered students)!

  • January 19 - Math 30 Diploma Exam - 9 am **Bring your scientific calculator

  • January 20 - English 30 Diploma Exam - PART B - 9 am

  • January 23 - Social 30 Diploma Exam - Part B - 9 am

  • January 24 - Biology 30 Diploma Exam - 9 am

  • January 25 - Chemistry 30 Diploma Exam - 9 am

  • January 26 - Physics 30 Diploma Exam - 9 am

  • January 27 - Science 30 Diploma Exam - 9 am

  • January 30 - PD Day - Schools closed to students

  • January 31 - First day of Semester 2

  • February 9 & 10 - Schools Closed for Teachers Convention

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