New Tech Purchases

(...other than Competency funds...)

Hi! Friendly-Neighborhood Instructional Technician here...

...with a friendly explanation/reminder concerning new technology equipment requests and purchases. We have often extolled the necessity of making purchases through our technology department in order to avoid unnecessary, redundant and/or dysfunctional purchases. The horror-stories of printers that absolutely were never going to work on our network and totally incompatible software being asked to be installed when we were never aware of their existence are completely true; they are not urban legends. On top of those problems, in the past, e-mails and phone conversations get lost in the buzz of the daily (busy) HISD business, as well, and many needs fall through the cracks, as it were.

Therefore, we want to explain our overall concept of how the procedure should, ideally, be handled...

(...again, this is separate from--but very similar to--Competency fund purchases from drawings/awards...)

For Teachers (end-users):

  1. Usually, this process is going to begin with what is actually a “consultation

    1. Submit a work order describing the exact (or really even a vague concept that we can begin the conversation from) device and/or classroom experience/tool/service/activity the purchase is intended to fulfill

    2. HelpDesk will assign your ticket to the most apt technician/expert

    3. Together, we determine the best-fit technology/equipment/software

  • This will require official approval from the direct purchaser; “consultation” moves to “formal purchase request

  1. Follow-up for progress (check your HelpDesk account for updates)

For Directors (direct purchasers):

  1. Either generate an initial “consultation” discussion (see above) with a work order or accept the “formal purchase request” from one of your colleagues, depending on the situation...

  • We may need to make special determinations of where the funds are coming from and organize fund numbers to be associated with the request

  1. Robert will coordinate the purchase process and keep you up-to-date in the process (e.g. CC you on PO e-mails and similar communications)

  2. Follow-up for progress (check your HelpDesk account for updates)