Cultural Revolution in China

How it began

  • it began in the 1966
  • Soviet Union was moving to far in a revisionist direction with an emphasis on expertise rather than on ideological
  • maos own position in government had weakened after the failure of his "Great leap forward"
  • Mao gathered a group of radicals, including his wife jiang Qing and defense minister Lin Biao to help atack current party leadership
  • ended around 1968

who the red guards where

  • group of youth who banded themselves together
  • no one was safe from them: writers, economist, and anyone associated with the man Mao
  • anyone who was deemed could have been considered a red guard
  • encouraging all the youth in China to crisis those who Mao deemed
  • Ethusiasm if the red guards nearly pushed China into social turmoil

how it effected the population

  • when Mao launched the "great proletarian cultural revolution" which killed many peopl
  • if anyone didn't follow the communist idea the children where encouraged to denounce even there parents
  • education came to a virtual halt leading to a generation of inadequate causing a lag in technology and skills
  • production and non production is discuptive by the political activity of the red guards and even student
  • they turned their anger on foreigners and forgn embassies got attaded
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something could happen like this today if nobody followed the rules/laws witch could make all this happen again.