Self Reflection

By Ethan Anderegg

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Agriculture, Food, and Natural Recources

This category involves outdoor, hands on work with animals, plants, crops, and machinery. Some jobs are farmers and farm equipment Mechanics. You could develop and manage a farm growing crops, pigs, cattle, horses, and all kinds of poultry. You could also be a mechanic to help the farmers by fixing their equipment if something happens to it.

Farm Workers and Managers- These two jobs involve working on a farm. With Farm Managers I would be the Manager of a farm with employees. These employees would be the Farm Workers who would do most of the labor in and out of the fields and doing chores if you had any animals on your farm.

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Transportation, Distribution, and Logistics

This category involves working with transportation vehicles either driving, mechanics, or distributing goods around the state or country. Some jobs would be Auto Body and Auto Mechanics. This could also be an over the road trucker or a Self employed trucker which was another interest of mine.
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Architecture and Construction

This category involves building houses or adding onto building and other structures, or you could be someone who designs these buildings with Architecture. Architects design buildings and landscaping ideas which will be built by landscapers and construction workers.

Personality Traits

I- Introverted - Someone who would rather be in a small group than a large group

S- Sensing - Someone who bases the actions on what they think is the right move

T- Thinking - Someone who thinks before they begin a job or task

J- Judging - Someone who makes their decisions based on their best judgement

Work Importance Locator

Achievement - This means to get recognized for the work you have done.

Working Conditions - This means to have a work place where you get a steady paycheck and work with people and in an environment you are comfortable with and can also change where and who you work with.

Recognition - This means someone who likes to do their work the best they can because some people will look up to you and want your job.

What I Learned About Myself

I learned that I have many career choices in the Agricultural field to choose from. I thought that there would only be farming for me but I found many Farm Management, Farm Mechanics, Agronomy, and many other Agriculture jobs out their that all interested me.

Key Interest Areas

R - Realistic people are the ones who do the work, they like to work with tools, equipment, animals, and machines.

I - Investigative people are ones who like to figure out problems by themselves and solve the problem.

E- Enterprising people like to work with activities and carry out projects.

Strong Skill Areas

  • Team Work
  • Installing
  • Repairing
  • Controlling Machines
  • Operating Vehicles

Careers That Interest Me

Farmers/Farm Managers - I would like to pursue a career in farming/Farm management. I think this would be a good career for me because I have most knowledge needed to be successful in this field.

Self Employed Trucking - I would enjoy trucking during the off season with my brother and it would be a good job to bring in extra income while your crops are in he field.


"Anything worth doing is worth overdoing." - Shane Patton