E Safety.

Learn how to safe on the internet.

Social networking.

For most social networking sites e.g Facebook, Tumblr, you need to be at least thirteen.

Some social networking are even older for example whats app, you need to be eighteen.

How to stay safe on the internet.

If you have any social networking accounts make sure they are completely safe.

Don't accept any requests from people you don't know.

Don't let ANYONE know your password.

Don't post any personal pictures that you don't want certain people to see.

Finally make sure your profile is on PRIVATE because if it isn't then anyone people from all over the world would be able to see your information.



Good social networking sites

Report Abuse!

If you get any abuse on the internet, click this link.

On this website, this will help you with the abuse, their will be the report button and click that and tell them what is going on.