Ganymede's story

Want to learn about Ganymede, well then this is for you.

Ganymede isn't a normal moon

Ganymede is the biggest moon in are solar system.It's circumference is 10,273 mi. long.

It is made of silicate rock and water ice.During daytime on the surface its -171F to -297F.

During the night time its -193C.Its freezing there and I don't plan living there.

Who Discovered Ganymede?

Ganymede was discovered in January 7, 1610. It was discovered by Galileo Galilei. Mars is only sightly bigger then Ganymede. If Ganymede was orbiting the sun instead of Jupiter it would be considered a planet.
People ask how far is from the Sun or how fa from Earth. Also people ask how long does it take Ganymede to orbit around the Jupiter? Well Ganymede is 390.4 million miles away from Earth. It is 507,040,015 miles away from the Sun.It takes Ganymede 7.15 days to orbit around Jupiter.