Northeast by Mariah G

physical and human characteristics

States in the Northeast

New York. Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Hampshire, New Jersey, Maine, Vermont, Maryland, Connect, Washington D.C., Rhode Island, Massachusetts.

Landforms of the Northeast

Have you ever seen landforms like the Appalachian Mountains or the Atlantic Coastal Plains? The Appalachian Mountains is worlds second biggest in the Northeast.

Bodies of Water

These are the bodies of water of the Northeast: The Hudson River, Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls is 100 feet deep.


Mt. Washington climate is very unquiet. First, the winds go up to 250 mph, and it snows year round on the peak.

The Natural resources

These are the natural resources of the region: Iron, fish, and trees. These are important to the region because they all help people. These help people because they might need

money, food, and air.

Human Characteristics

The main languages spoken in the Northeast is a lot of languages.They have the same languages like we do these are the languages: English,and spanish.


These are the type of housing that they have in the Northeast. They have apartments,

and houses.

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Major city's

The major city's of the Northeast are these ones listed below.

New york, Boston, Pittsburgh, Philadelphia.

Important jobs

Working at the Hershey factory is a great job. Don't you think?


New york has the Statue of Liberty. The Liberty Bell is also in New York. The White House

was found in the Northeast at Washington .D.C.

Harbor: key word

Harbor:is a sheltered body of water which can be used for a shelter for ships.

fun facts

  • West gaudy light house is the oldest light house in the Northeast.
  • The Northeast is the oldest region.