September 17, 2013

Theme Study

Students are continuing to explore internet and nonfiction resources to build their background knowledge about the brain. Today they were asked to narrow it down to their top choice using the I.S.S.A test.

I = Interest. Is the topic interesting to you?

S=Size. The topic isn't too huge and it's not too tiny

S= Simplicity. The information you need isn't way over your head, or too easy.

A=Access. Information about the topic isn't hard to find.

Researched information will be used to share what they learned through written work, a 3-D display and a virtual museum. Today we looked at a few examples of virtual museums and 3-D displays from previous PEAK students.

PGD (Personal Growth and Development)

This week was the second graders first week of PEAK so I interviewed my 5th grade class last week, asking them to give advice to the new incoming second graders. After some quick editing I shared the video with the second grade students and parents at a meeting last Thursday night. I thought you might like to see it! I converted it to a private youtube video. It can only be shared with those who have the link. :) The kids did a great job! Click on the link below to see it. The video is called "Words of Wisdom"

Students published their six word memoir. We combined them into Power Point then converted it to another private view youtube video. Click on the link below to see their memoirs!

Words of Wisdom

Six Word Memoirs

Activity Centers

Math: Students are working on Level V Problemoids this year. These problems are complex and students may spend several weeks on one problem. A couple of students solved the problem today, and the girls decided to email each other to figure it out on their own time!! I'm so impressed with their stamina and perseverance!!

Topic Study: Students continue to build their background knowledge as they take notes on their topic using Evernote.

Science: Students are taking the role of "scientist" seriously. After analyzing the class data from the experiment we realized one of the variables was not constant after all. I asked the class what they thought real scientists would do in a situation like this and they unanimously agreed they would conduct the experiment again--so that's what we will be doing next week--such a smart class!!


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