The Misfits


Skeezie has a big crush on Kelsey. He thinks she is so beautiful. He has always wanted to ask her out, but he is to shy. He always talks about her with Joe. Joe gets a note from Kelsey. It said that she likes Joe. Skeezie was broken. Joe, Skeezie, and Stefany were chatting. Joe was saying sorry. Skeezie kept acting like he was fine. Addie and Joe were trying to cheer Skeezie up. It's important because through out the book, it talks about how Skeezie likes Kelsey.
Skeezie got a job that his dad wanted him to do. The reason his dad wanted him to the job was because Skeezie's dad had the job. Then there were votes about being president, vice president, etc. Joe, Addie, and Skeezie made a party about it. The teacher asked Joe, Skeezie, and Addie why the party is called the No-name party. They had to make up an excuse. They said so it can stop bullying.

Skeezie wanted to ask Kelsey to go with him to the party. Joe and Addie said to go for it. Joe gets a note from Kelsey saying that she likes him. Skeezie was devastated. Skeezie finally talked about the problem with his dad. He usually doesn't talk to his dad about girls he likes. Skeezie was still broken that Kelsey likes Joe.