Fraser Island


Fraser Island is located along the southern coast of Queensland, Australia, approximately 200 kilometres north of Brisbane. Its length is about 120 kilometres and its width is approximately 24 kilometres.

Fraser Island Fauna

Fraser Island is a nature lover's paradise with over 300 bird species, dingos, dugongs, turtles, sharks, hump back whales and much more. The island is also one the few places in the world where you can follow the full circle of the plant life cycle. From the creation of dunes and grasses on the eastern side of Fraser through to the dying forests on the western, coastal shore, this world heritage listed area is available to all people.

There is also the great walk that runs the entire length of the island. Hikers can choose to take a range of walks from a short half day trek through to an 11 day walk covering all the island.

Fraser Island flora

Fraser Island has a large variety of plants growing in sand and ranging from the coastal low growing shrubs with small evergreen leaves and colourful flowers to subtropical rainforests.

Majestic rainforests can be found in the gullies of the central high dunes which are protected from winds and have a plentiful supply of freshwater and greater amounts of nutrients. These are centuries old and home to the living fossil fern, numerous piccabeen palms and Carroll.

Historical Information

The Butchulla people are the indigenous people of Fraser Island. There were six clans in the Butchulla Nation and the territory extended through Fraser Island, Double Island Point, Tin Can Bay, Bauple Mountain and north to a point at Burrum Heads in Queensland.

The Butchulla people's traditional name for Fraser Island was K'gari which means paradise. According to Butchulla legend, Fraser Island was named K'gari after the beautiful spirit who helped Yindingie, messenger of the great god Beeral, create the land. As a reward to K'gari for her help Beeral changed her into an idyllic island with trees, flowers and lakes. He put birds, animals and people on the island to keep her company.

It is uncertain how long Fraser Island had been engaged by the Butchulla people. Information suggests that it was more than 5,500 years and perhaps 20,000. Population numbers are unknown though it has been said that during times of generous resources up to 2,000 people lived on the island with the stable number around 300 to 400.