Comparing different comunication ☻

Email, Snail mail and Texting

In order from most used to least used by middle schoolers


  • Is a way of communication in a group or with two people
  • usually on a phone
  • some are text all the time even when they are driving
  • is a vary portable way of communication can be used when ever (as long as you have internet).
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  • A lot faster than letters witch take about 2 days to mail, but the person has to see the email to reply
  • Easy to use
  • can access from any where as long as you have a smart phone, computer or tablet
  • communication with a grope but not like texting or with two people

Snail Mail

  • Takes longer to write and mail
  • not vary many people that are in middle school use letters any more
  • Is called snail mail because it is slow to mail like a snail
  • a way of communication with just two people
  • you can see were it is from so it leaves a trail like a snail
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Created by: Ethan