By: Meredith Round

Junior at Byron Nelson High School

I moved to Texas last spring from Chicago, Illinois. I lived in a small town built in 1834 forty miles west of Chicago called Geneva. However, I was born in Texas when at the age of 7 my family was transferred to Illinois. After 8 years of living up North, my family made the decision to move to Trophy Club and enroll me at Byron Nelson High School. Throughout my three years of high school so far, I have learned a lot, and I have learned how to be a successful student. My goal is to become a student at the University of Nebraska.

My Involvement

When I moved to Illinois I became extremely involved in volleyball as long as key club. Key club is a club at my old high school that gave volunteering opportunities to students in the community. Through this program I gained forty five hours of community service. As well as being involved in activities I managed to withhold a spot on the honor roll all of my years of high school. I always work hard in order to earn good grades. When I moved it was hard to become involved at Byron right away. I settled down and my junior year I decided to become involved in student council. I have managed to become heavily involved in my school and also raise my gpa. I have also been a part of the varsity choir at Byron Nelson.
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What I've learned

I believe these experiences have shown what I put into becoming a good student. These qualities and characteristics I have learned whilst being in a leadership position at my school have shaped me to be the student I am today. I am hoping to have the opportunity to attend college at the University of Nebraska and show how great of a student I can be. I am consistently excited to learn and grow. I believe I would love to continue this path at the University of Nebraska.

My Strengths

˜I have always felt extremely comfortable talking to people and being sociable. I think that characteristic will help me a lot in the workforce.

I have spent my high school years involved in student council and I feel this has truly taught me the skills to be a good leader in life.

I played volleyball for six years and the sense of competition taught me the importance of determination