Angela's Ashes

By Frank McCourt

The Rough Start

Frank McCourt starts his book by the description of his parents relationship. It all started in New York when Franks mother Angela got pregnant by Malachy, and was force into marriage. Things went bad right from the start. Malachy could not find a job during the depression and when he did ever penny of his income went to the Pubs.The family has to move to over seas to Ireland to get help from Angelas family and maybe a better luck at finding a job. The family still has a hard time being able to food themselves that Frank loses a couple of siblings. Frank grew up having to comfort his family and help get money to survive. The only thing he wants to be able to do is go back to America.

The Happy Ending

Frank finally gets enough money to go back to America. Frank attends a party on shore ,where he meets an American woman named Freida with whom he gets feelings for. He then puts away his emotions of his past behind him and realizes there can be a happy ending.

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Home Sweet Home

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The Romance That Helped Frank Forgive

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