All About Me

Katherine Mowrey


I know everybody wants to know about me so I'm going to make my own page All About Me. I hope this satisfies you because it's All About Me. This will include my hobbies, my activities, my school subject strengths, value, the many ways I'm smart, my learning style, and my potential careers.


My hobbies include:
  • Acting
  • Reading
  • Creating stories
  • Clarinet

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School Subject

My strongest school subject is English because I love to create stories and learn vocabulary.

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My values consist of my family, cats, and my grades. Grades are really important to me and even my family helps with my grades. My cats don't help much, but they help keep me entertained.

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Top 3 Ways I'm Smart

  • People Smart
  • Music Smart
  • Word Smart

My Job

The job that I want is to be an actor/actress. The education needed is to take Theater Arts and Music classes in high school too. In college I need to get major degrees in Dramatic Arts and Fine Arts. The salary is not added.

Holland Code and Learning Style

My general learning style is learning by reading. In math I learn by talking it through. I also can learn by myself. My Holland code is Artistic.


My career clusters are Arts, Audio/Video Technological Communications, Education and Training, and Government and Public Administration.

Jobs Picked for Me