Harrison High School Suspension!!

Written by Ms. Stewart from Manchester Record

What Happened to Phillip Malloy?

Phillip Malloy and his father told me that he was suspended for two days. Phillip said he suspended for singing the National Anthem. I was trying to figure out why he was suspended for singing. Phillip told me that he was not disturbing anyone else while singing.

Conversation with Miss Narwin

When I was on the phone with Miss Narwin I first asked what she had to say about the suspension. She said, "The boy was creating a disturbance." I told Miss Narwin that I heard he was singing the National Anthem. She told me that there is a rule.

After Speaking with Miss Narwin

After Speaking with Miss Narwin I spoke with Dr. Seymour I asked if they had a rule that students could not sing the National Anthem. He said "Of course not. Whatever gave you that idea? Who told you that?." I said there has be a incident at your high school. I was told to go back and check my sources.

Speaking with Dr. Doane

While is was on the phone I asked Dr. Doane if she knew Phillip Malloy. She told me he is a nice boy and that she knows him well. I went on to tell her that on Friday, March 30, Philip and his parents claimed he was suspended for two days for your school. Dr. Doane said "actually I'm not sure I should be discussing this matter with you.Records regarding our children are of a confidential nature." I informed her that it was already a matter of public record.

Conversation with Dr. Palleni

I told Dr. Palleni that according to Dr. Seymour this district has no rule that would keep students from singing the National Anthem. He asked "Did you say singing." I asked if it was correct that he was in charge of discipline issues. He said yes. I needed more information about this problem and a asked no comment. He said, "no comment."

My Opinion

I think the reason for Phillip Malloy's suspension is ridiculous. The boy was singing and was being patriotic when he was asked to get out of the classroom he went to the office. The