That Hyperactive Crazy Cat Girl Who Lives in Portland

Stuff About Me

Family I Live With

I live with my Mom and my Sister. My Mom has multiple jobs and she mostly works at bars. She is pretty cool, super nice to everyone she is friends with and is the best Mom (in my opinion) In the whole universe! My Sister has a disability called Autism. We are lucky she can speak, because she is high on the spectrum. She is taller than me even though I'm supposed to be the bigger sister!

Pets I Have Or Did Have

I have had three pets so far in my lifetime. They are/were all cats and boys. The first cat I had was named Jersey. He was a fat cat who scratched a lot at us. He was taken to a different persons house and died. When I got another cat I got two kittens named Lulu and Poly. They were brothers and lived in the basement so they my sister and Jersey couldn't get to them. Lulu died on my tenth birthday, but I didn't know at the time. Poly is still alive.

These Are Some of My Favorite Things

I have tons of favorite things! I like candy, as long as it's not spicy or that jelly bean challenge! I ike a lot of video games, I like FNAF, Minecraft, GMod, Roblox, Trove and many others. My favorite foods are mac and cheese and pancakes. The music I listen to is by Fall Out Boy, Melanie Martinez, Grouplove, Twenty one Pilots, Imagine Dragons, and many more that I can't remember right now. I also LOVE cats!

Things I Do During My Free Times

In the morning if I have time I like to go on the computer and play games or watch Youtube. At recess and break during school I play tag or walk around talking to myself and singing. I do many other things, but these are the things I do the most.

Things I dislike

Well, to start off this list I'm gonna have to type Donald Trump. He is the worst! I dislike showers and baths because I'm lazy and would much rather be doing something else. That's all for now