A Peek at the Week

September 3, 2018

I hope you had a relaxing, restful long weekend. As we enter week three, we are learning more about the students we teach. Already, we can tell the students who are going to enjoy our class, the students who are going to be hard to reach, and the students who are going to give us a run for our money. Remember the words that Tamara Cox said during our opening meeting- "if we knew every child's story, we would look at them with different eyes." Keep digging to learn every child's story. Week three is a good time to begin making parent calls to touch base particularly if you have concerns at this point. Talking to parents can give you new information and also help you to learn more about that child. :-)


We have many students in our school who have a medical diagnosis of ADD or ADHD. We also have many students who are not diagnosed, but we see symptoms that are typical of a child with ADD or ADHD in those students. As teachers, we must be extremely careful of what we say when speaking to parents. There have been cases in the past years that have made the law specific about what can and cannot be said by public school staff.

1. We can in no way suggest that a child has ADD and/or ADHD.

2. We cannot mention to a parent that a child needs medication.

3. We cannot mention to a parent that they should make an appointment with their doctor.

If a child is struggling with focus, attention, and sitting still, make sure you have tried different strategies to help them in class (alternative seating, standing while learning, movement time, etc.) If the child continues to struggle with these issues, we can:

1. Discuss with the parent that the child is struggling in class with focus and attention, and tell them the strategies you have tried.

2. If the parent brings up ADD/ADHD and/or medication first, you can say that you have had students in the past who have had this medical diagnosis and some of the behaviors are the same. You can tell the parent that we can refer the child to our RTI team who can then gather more information to give to the parent.

If you have any questions, please ask. If a student's focus is interfering with their academics, please give me their names and we will work together to take steps to help the child.

MAP Testing

Students in grades 1-5 will begin MAP testing soon. We will be coming around to talk with teachers in grades 3-5 to review procedures for testing. You will test in your classrooms. Students in grades 1 & 2 will test during their computer lab time. Please talk with your students before they test and encourage them to try their very best. I will get the MAP form to you so that you will know the target RIT for this time of the year.


Please continue leveling your students. This gives you valuable information about your children as readers. As you get the accurate levels, please update the data wall. We use the data wall often, so please make sure you update your student's levels.


Thank you for you help with dismissal procedures. Dismissal was so much smoother and faster Friday!

Upcoming Dates:

Sept. 6th and 7th: Grandparent's Breakfast

Sept. 11th: Fall pictures

Sept. 12th: Fall pictures

Sept. 17th: Girl Scout meeting at 2:15

Sept. 18th: Girl and Boy Scouts parent meeting at 6:00

Sept. 18th: Lucy Calkins PD- First grade AM, 2nd grade PM. This is at the DO. We will get you subs.

Sept. 19th: Faculty Meeting

Sept. 20th: Rock Your School! Be thinking of your creative ideas for this day!

Sept. 21st: Leveling Due with data wall updated. MAP window closes.

Sept. 25th: Open House/Hot Dog Supper, 5:30-7:00.

Sept. 25th: Lucy Calkins PD- Third grade AM, Fourth grade PM- We will get you subs.