Benjamin franklin

Benjamin Franklins inventions made our lives easier

Benjamin's family

Benjamin franklins spouse was Deborah Read (m. 1730-1774). His siblings were, Jane Mecom, James Franklin, Elizabeth Douse, Ebenezer Franklin, Joseph franklin, Mary Homes, Lydid scott,Thomas Franklin. His children were, William Franklin, Sarah Franklin Bache, Francis Folger Franklin

Franklins education

Fall of 1714 Benjamin entered Boston Latin School, after one year he stopped going. The next year he went to George Brownells Writing School. Benjamin loved reading like his mother.

Benjamins Jobs

Benjamin began working at twelve years old, he started as a printer, he then worked for his older brother. As he got older her worked as an inventor, civil servant, delegate to the continental congress also he worked by drafting the constitution.

Benjamins inventions

Benjamin was very smart, he invented the Franklin stove, the lightning rod, Bifocals, Glass harmonica. Franklin did not "invent" electricity however he did invent the lightning rod, protecting buildings and ships from lightning damage. He wanted to keep houses warm but without cutting so many trees, he invented the Franklin stove and shared his idea freely.

What inspired Benjamin? did he win any awards?

Benjamin met a man working on electricity (a new thing), so Ben was the first to write about positive and negative charges. He became famous in America and Europe and also invented the electrostatic machine in 1745 used to discover principles of electricity. He also won one award, a Copley medal award.


Benjamin was born on January 17, 1706 and passed away April 17, 1790. Benjamin was 84 years old when he passed away. He died of Pleurisy, which causes inflammation, also causes pain when breathing. It is caused by pneumonia and other diseases of the chest or abdomen.
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