Charmin Ultra Strong Review

Charmin Ultra Strong

The Type Of Technique

The type of technique used in this Charmin Ultra Strong Commercial was False Authority which is when you say something is powerful and it's really not. The reason why it's false authority is because it talks about how the product if 4x strong and etc.

What Was It About?

The commercial was mostly about how powerful the product was and how it was better and stronger than most toilet tissue and how it held up stronger than others.

Did The Commercial Make Us Want To Buy The Product?

Yes, It did make me want to buy the product because it talked about how strong it is and how it will make your butt feel like it's floating on a cloud.

Effects Had On Us

The effect it had on us, Was it was telling us things like the texture is rich is strong, and how it cleans better than most of the other toilet tissue, So at the end of the day the commercial was both convincing and entertaining so if it came down to it, I think we all agree that we would most definitely buy it.