School Dress Code

Do we deserve it?

Kids want to show who they are!!

Listen! We want to be unique, can't you see!!

Showing off

When kids get new clothes we want to show friends and family. Not anything to do with being mean about it but just showing the real you! We don't want to wear things that are like uniforms but just why do we have a dress code?


Uniforms are a pain! Wearing them everyday so we don't have them. And having to wash them for the next week is not fun even to parents! Besides look at it this way, we don't want to look the same! With uniforms everyone would look the same and not wearing their own style. So we can just forget the uniforms and just focus on how we look without a dress code to hold us back.

Dress codes

We don't want a limit that holds us back from getting cute or cool clothes.

Let your smile shine

Without dress codes, you will see more smiling because we are following our dreams!