Istation Basics

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We'll discuss classroom use of iStation, and integration into D5 rotation.

Campus expectation of each student being on iStation Reading at least 20min per week.

How do we get students logged on?

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The app is on the iPad and the Chromebooks

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*Note: Students use the app. Only teachers log in to the website or the app.

Students must log on to the Chromebook with their own Google account or with the generic log in to access the student log in icon.

Generic example:

username: kwesecond

password: kwesecond2017! (no caps)

*Finding the correct campus is important

The domain is lampasas and then students must find whitis from the drop down menu.

* Tip: If the student accidentally chooses the wrong domain you can get them back to the original screen by typing ...

username: config

password: config

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Log in to your teacher account to access useful reports


Istation reports include, but are not limited to:

  • Priority Reports — identify students that demonstrate weaknesses or lack of progress by risk level and skill need
  • Summary Reports — graphically show the number of students in each tier and overall scores in each critical subject domain, with the ability to change what is shown on the report by demographics and reporting period
  • Skill Growth Reports — show progress made in all skills tested, across all assessment periods, with variable views by student, classroom, tier group, grade level, campus, district, and state
  • Tier Movement Reports — show a monthly comparison of the number of students within each tier
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Priority Reports will help you with small group instruction

Form your strategy groups based on the data!

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Summary Reports & Student Summary Handouts

The ISIP Summary Report shows the number and percentage of students at each instructional tier for the current month.

The Student Summary Handout Report shows how a child is performing in all the different skill areas on Istation’s ISIP assessment. ISIP measures your child’s ability in all critical areas of reading. Ability scores are used to show reading growth throughout the school year.

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Where does it fit into the Daily 5 Literacy Block - 20 min. per week?

Maybe you need a technology rotation???

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