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All About Me.... Hades

Hades is known as the god of the underworld, king of the dead, and Pluto

Hades was banished to rule the underworld and it made him a little grumpy. Hades makes deals, tricks innocent people, traps souls, and kills people. Hades has a pet dog, but it is not a regular dog it has three giant heads. This dog has giant teeth, trust me he's not going to roll over he will protect the underworld with his life.

the story of Hades and persophne

One day Persophne was picking flowers in a patch, and she started walking home when Hades the god of the underworld came out of the ground. He asked Persophne if she would come down to the underworld with him for a while. Now Persophne did not want to, but she was kind person so she came down after a while. Hades asked Persophne if she wanted to eat dinner. She said she wasn't hungry but he asked her if she would eat a tiny little pomegrante seed. What she did not know, is that if you eat any food in the underworld you will have to stay a period of each year with Hades in the underworld. She did not know this, so then Persophne was forced to spend every winter and fall and winter with the evil Hades.



Hermes: Wow it is pretty hot and gloomy down here with all these souls flying around!

Hades: Yep that is my life now, because my putrid brothers (Zeus and Poseidon) gave me the job to rule the underworld!

Hermes: Why did they do that?


Hermes: Why don’t you leave?

Hades: Because I am banished. But I do however get others to do my bidding.

Hermes: Why do you want to punish humans when the gods are the ones that banished you?

Hades: Because they are Zeus’s creations and... I... HATE....ZEUS!

Hermes: Do you get any human company?

Hades: I do in fact, her name is Persephone. She comes every fall and winter.

Hermes: Why does she only come during the fall and winter?

Hades: Because she ate 6 pomegranate seeds from me so therefore she has to come to the underworld for six months. She decided that fall and winter would be the best time.

Hermes: Do you like/enjoy her company?

Hades: I very much enjoy her company. She was my one true love. Sadly I can only see her 6 months of the year.

Hermes: How did you come to meet Persephone?

Hades: I saw Persephone frolicking in a field of flowers one day and instantly fell in love with her beauty and grace. Fearing that I would have no chance at winning her heart. I decided to kidnap here. I knew I could keep her in the underworld.

Hermes: Do you talk to Zeus often?

Hades: Sometimes, but I hate him! DID I NOT TELL YOU HE BANISHED ME! Whenever we do talk it’s all about my bad deeds.

Hermes: Do you have any pets?

Hades: Yes, Cerberus. He is my best slave for that matter.

Hermes: Does he have a use, or is he just for company?

Hades: Yes, he actually guards the gates of the underworld for me.

Hermes: Well that's it for the interview, thanks for being so open!

Hades: No problem, goodbye.


Hades and Castro are alike because they both keep people or souls in places they don't want to be, they both are old, they both are grumpy and cannot control their tempers, and they both are hated by billions of people or souls.

They are different because one is a god, while the other is not. One controls the living, and the other controls the dead. One tricked a girl into loving him, while the other had no trouble finding a girl without tricking her. Lastly, one is the son of a titan, and one is not.

me and him

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