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Recent NxtGen Updates


  • Barrier Systems Full Line (Deflection charts added for each barrier product)
  • Chinese TS-2000 Trailer Stand (Asia Category)
  • Finnish, Swedish, Polish and Russian Always Looking Ahead (Europe Category)
  • Romanian Eliminator Gapmaster (Europe Category)
  • Romanian LED Dock Light (Europe Category)
  • Racknowledge Presentation (Arbon Category)


  • Two New Fastrax XL Images
  • Mounted HVHS Fans
  • Renegade Fan Grocery Supply Warehouse
  • Renegade Fan Health Club Application
  • Safe-T-Gate Swing Before and After
  • Leum Engineering Clamp Dockshield (Arbon Category)
  • Leum Engineering Cross Dock Platform (Arbon Category)
  • Leum Engineering Cross Dock Ramp (Arbon Category)
  • Leum Engineering Dockshield Indoor Dock (Arbon Category)
  • Leum Engineering Dockzilla or Decline (Arbon Category)


  • New Zoneworks Video
  • BEA Sensors Display
  • Door Light Communication (under Communications & Controls in the Industrial Door category)


  • All Door Price Lists have been updated for 2016
  • FasTrax XL Windbar Closed Position Height Document
  • LED Countdown Architectural Drawing
  • LED Pre-Announce Architectural Drawing
  • LED Virtual Vision Architectural Drawing
  • FasTrax XL Mounting Structure Specs/Drawing
  • Rite-Flex Door Spec/Survey
  • Rite-Flex Panel Spec/Survey
  • Leum Engineering Dockshield Sell Spec Sheet (Arbon Category)
  • Pflow Cheat Sheet (Arbon Category)
  • Racknowledge Brochure (Arbon Category)
  • Racknowledge Engineering Service Proposal Request (Arbon Category)


All Product Companies will be removing Photos from the E-Trunk. Photos can be found on Rite-Hite's website, www.ritehite.com and within the NxtGen app.

All Product Companies will be removing Owner's Manuals from the NxtGen app to Rite-Hite's website, www.ritehite.com. This DOES NOT include International. The website allows for easy navigation to retrieve a product's Owner's Manual and relieves the NxtGen app from holding those documents. Owner's Manual can also be found in the E-Trunk.

Don't forget to go into the Settings and press Update to see these new assets!!!

New Zoneworks Video

Zoneworks has a new video! The 90-second video lays out all of the benefits of using fabric curtain walls over traditional rigid walls. It also incorporates many application photos to get people envisioning how a curtain wall could be used in their facility. This video is available on the website and in the NxtGen app. Be sure to share it on your next sales call and click here to watch it now.

RiteHite.com Updates

New Zoneworks Webpages – Information is powerful. It can move people from being interested in a product to owning one. With this in mind, we have created new educational pages for Zoneworks on ritehite.com that provide answers to common questions about curtain walls. The goal is to empower people so they feel confident taking the step to contact us. The aim is to get you, the sales force, more qualified Zoneworks leads going forward. Stay ahead of the customer and view the new pages here.

SUCCESS in the UK with the Always Looking Ahead brochure

From Jim Smith, Business Director of Rite-Hite UK:

I just want to give you some feedback from customers in the UK where we have presented the brochure.

  • Fantastic
  • Powerful
  • Far superior than the competition
  • Professional
  • My boss will love this seeing the view of what Rite Hite does

I would just like to thank you very much for this brochure since it has created so much interest and opportunities for Rite-Hite UK.

Got a story to share? Contact Sara Everts at 414-973-3609 or severts@ritehite.com

New Literature

  • Rite-Flex Door Spec/Survey
  • Rite-Flex Panel Spec/Survey

Please contact Debbi Zanotti at 1-414-362-6399 or at DZanotti@ritehite.com to order any literature that you need!

Product Update

PitMaster Milestone! – Total PitMaster sales since 2007 have soared to over 22,000 units! Over 50% of all Eclipse shelters are now sold with PitMasters, as customers are truly seeking to get a complete seal on all four sides of the dock opening. Looking ahead, we expect that percentage to continue to grow as instances of daylight at the dock are increasingly unacceptable and customers are demanding the most effective sealing system possible. Use the Complete Dock Sealing Guide brochure or related NxtGen app module to show the importance of a four-sided seal at the loading dock and how PitMaster plays a crucial role.

Quote Worksheet Updates

Updates below will be available by the end of the week of February 29th, 2016:

A minor update has been made to the Quote worksheet as a part of some enhancements Rite-Hite is making to improve international quoting. "Quote Description" is now "Customer's Reference," but the field will still look the same on your proposal to the customer. Please contact Maggie Cain if you have any questions or concerns.
Big image
The Quick View will now display ALL configuration values instead of only changed configuration values.
Big image
Big image

New Training Materials

Rite-Hite Doors:

Barrier Glider Install

FasTrax XL Install Standard Projection

FasTrax XL Install Extended Projection

FasTrax XL Curtain Install

FasTrax Install

FasTrax FR Install

All of these Knowledge Vision training videos are also located in the E-Trunk. Please contact Joe Ellestad if you have any questions or concerns.

Rite-Hite Apps Tip!

How do I keep my RH Apps up to date?

  • When Rite-Hite has a new version of any of the Rite-Hite apps, Rite-Hite will push the app out to your device and you will be prompted to install. Please be sure to accept app installation messages from mdm.ritehite.com to be sure you stay up to date

What do you do if you have to decline a mdm.ritehite.com install prompt?

Quick Tip!

Having trouble formatting your Quick Proposal in Lotus Notes?

Use our recommended page margin settings when you print your proposal to PDF and it will help clean up the page breaks!

File - Print - Select your PDF Printer - Click Page Setup - **Update Margins (Click on the image to enlarge)**

REMINDER: It's Time to Export Your Contacts!

First time exporting? Or need a refresher on how to do it?

Click on the training video link below and watch the short two minute chapter for whichever export you need to do!

Exporting Contacts to Mobile Device Training Video

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