Grade 1 Radford

March 2016

Home Reading and Learning Logs

We have now started both of these 'homework' activities. Children change their home readers before school starts and have their learning log checked by a parent, teacher or classroom helper. Please make sure your child has time to complete these routines before school begins. If you need more information about how to help your child at home, please let me know.

Some children are working on letter names and sounds while others are learning high frequency words to help their reading.

Children who know the Magic 100 words will begin working on a spelling log. The focus for spelling is on learning a specific letter pattern rather than memorising a word list.

Class Routines

During this first part of the year we have been learning and practicing class routines that will continue throughout the year. These routines help children to be more independent in their learning allowing me to work with individuals and small groups.


We have been learning to share, take turns and be fair when working with a partner or in a group. We are practicing solving problems using a calm voice.

Self Control

We have been learning to be our own bosses - to be in charge of our bodies, our words and our actions. When we use self control we can ignore distractions and make good choices. As well as discussing this, we have practiced self control using yoga, movement activities and bubbles.
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Super Sentences

We have been looking at the parts of a sentence and learning to make our sentences more interesting by adding more detail and 'WOW' words.

Sleepy, lazy, soft polar bears in the water.

by Euston

The little, fast parrots are flying dangerously.

By Rylee

The red penguins are swimming excitedly.

By Isabella S.

Science and Technology Challenges

We have explored different materials and their properties by doing challenges using limited materials. These activities have also help us to use our growth mindset as we need to be persistent and keep trying new ideas if our first idea doesn't work.

Make a boat for the pirate that will float and keep him dry

Help Harry

Harry is a lifeguard. He needs to be able to look out across the sea to watch all the swimmers. Make a stand that he can sit in.

Discover a new dinosaur

We used construction materials to build a dinosaur and then wrote information including its name, food and habitat.

Parent Help

Please pop your name up on the calendar in our classroom if you would like to come in for parent help. Alternatively, just send me a note and let me know when you would like to come in. The best times are:

  • Monday 9-11
  • Tuesday 9-11 or 11.45-1.00 or 1.45-3.00
  • Wednesday 9-11 or 1.45-3.00
  • Thursday 11.45-1.00 or 1.45-3.00

Please remember to complete a Good Character Check.