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March 21

Have a restful and relaxing BREAK!

Please make sure to take time for yourself over the break. Your rejuvenation is key to student success.

If you are planning on coming in over the break, remember that if you do not have a password for the security system, you will set off the alarm. Please don't do that. :)

Duty Schedule

Please show up to your duty. If you have a substitute that day, remember to include your duty in your plans. The IA's really count on your help with before and after school jobs in all areas especially in the gym and at parent pick up. We are trying to get all students out in a timely manner safely and count on your help to make that happen. :)

You cannot let your students out EARLY

Please remember that there is NO supervision for your students before their designated recess time. This is a SAFETY issue. Also put it in your sub plans.

It may be tempting to offer more minutes at recess for a reward, but please refrain.

This also applies to end of school dismissal. Wait until the bell rings before letting your students out of the classroom. There is no one to supervise students in the gym (where there is class still happening) nor at the parent pick up, leaving kids unattended in the parking lot. THANK YOU for understanding this safety issue.



Apparently I mixed up the dates again on our leadership team meeting. Class size committee will be on the day of the next leadership meeting on March 29th! If you would like someone different than your grade level rep to be present, please send that person.

I will present some different scenarios to get you started and we will work together to come up with a recommendation.

Teacher Assessment Day on March 28th

No Students

Coffee Talk w/Principal

March 29th in the staff room @ 8:30am. If you would like to join us you are welcome.

Leadership Team Meeting Tuesday, March 29th

We will look at class size numbers and possibilities for staffing next year.


Wednesday 28th at 10:00am FOR TEACHERS GRADES 3-5

District Announcements

Smarter Balanced Tests and Common Core Standards

A pair of studies recently released have found that the Smarter Balanced assessment is doing “an outstanding job of measuring the right skills in the right way.” The ELA and math assessments were found to be “in-depth, high-quality tests that focus on the right skills and content,” and surpass other tests. The studies were done by the Fordham Institute and the Human Resources Research Organization.

Retiring or Resigning?

If you are a 10 month or 11 month employee and are planning on resigning or retiring during the summer months, please know that you do not need to wait until the end of August to notify the District. You may resign/retire at anytime and you will maintain your health benefits through the summer months, ending on August 31st. By letting us know your plans as soon as possible, the District is able to post your position and get a qualified applicant hired prior to the start of the 2016-17 school year.

If you are a 12 month employee, your health insurance will cover you through the end of the month in which you resign/retire.

New Log-In for Opening State Testing Sessions

I.T. has created a new log-in procedure for opening the Smarter Balanced/OAKS/ELPA secure testing browser in macs. Instead of using oaks/go, please use testing/go instead. This log-in should also be used for accessing the practice tests on macs.

Please continue to use oaks/go for PCs and Chromebooks.

Angela and Karla Out

March 30 PM only

March 31 AM only

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