Angus as a Writer

My Writing History

I'm a Writer Who...

Writing is not my best subject. I am not very good at free writing. I sometimes like to share my work but not always.

A Memorable Experience

Writing Using a Story Web

My writing tutor taught me to write using a "story web". First she had me draw a circle and the title would go inside the circle. Next she had me draw several lines branching off the circle, these would be for writing the theme, characters, and plot. The next step was to draw lines branching off the original lines and those would have the secondary plots and subjects. Finally we would draw another set of lines branching off these lines which would have the names of the characters. This was a great way to organize myself to write paragraphs and eventually stories. This process really helped me because it was so organized and simple to follow. I really liked my writing tutor and she made the whole process fun.