Biomedical Sciences Village News

Elkhorn Crossing School, August 2015 No.1

Welcome to the #BMSV!!

Hello Biomed Parents and interested persons!! It is hard to believe that we are almost to the midpoint of the first term, but we are and we certainly got started in the ECS "GROOVE" from the first day! Students set goals, joined family groups aptly called "colonies" (bacterial reference), and have really embraced the ECS mission of developing and using a GROWTH MINDSET--which means they approach lessons to LEARN, not to just get a grade!

There are lots of new things going on in the village this year, including this (hopefully)informative and interesting newsletter, which is meant mainly for parents and others that have an interest in what the #BMSV students are doing at ECS!

A Note from Dr. Adams

It has been a great start to the year so far! Mid-terms will be sent out after Labor Day and they will reflect grades at ECS up to 9/3.

Just a quick note of village information:

Village Laboratory Fees are $50 and cover 2 laboratory classes, offset travel expenses for field trips, and allow us to have village celebrations, including colony events (see below), integration events, white coat ceremony, and senior banquet.

Save the date: January 11, 2016 is the White Coat Ceremony!

A quick note about the biomed classes:

Course assignments are available to all students on the PLTW LMS (Project Lead the Way Learning Management System). Since PLTW is a national organization that provides copyrighted course materials in Biomedical Science, students may not share the curriculum material with anyone electronically. The log-on page is

MI and BI students will be using the LMS system for the majority of their assignments, BI almost exclusively. Grades for individual assignments will be available on the LMS while Infinite campus will show grades updated with groups of grades. Please have your student show you the LMS and where to see their graded work if you would like to see individual assignments, due dates, etc.

A quick note about social media:

Follow @Miss_Orear and @DrJulyeAdams on Twitter and Instagram to see what's happening any given day in the #BMSV! There is also and ECS Biomedical Sciences Village group that you can join!! See the links at the end of this newsletter.

White Coat Ceremony

Monday, Jan. 11th 2016 at 6pm

2020 Frankfort Pike

Georgetown, KY

Save the date!

A Note from Math (Mrs. Wells)

WOW! This year has started off AWESOME! I am really enjoying my time in class with students. They are coming to class with a growth mindset daily and really working hard during class to accomplish the objectives for the day. I am trying something new this year labeled a flipped classroom.” Ask your son/daughter about it. It is where they look at videos, books, notes at home the night before, and come to class already having an idea of the content we are discussing. Then in class we discuss it and students have time to complete the assignment in class. This allows question time for them and I can answer, guide, and correct instantly. Let me know their responses please. I am always looking for some great ideas. Please be checking infinite campus often. I update my grades daily. Also, please ask to see the syllabus and sign up for the parent texting group! While looking at the syllabus, sign in to my online classroom through schoology. I post lessons each day to that website. If you have any questions at all, please email me. See below for what’s been taking place in each individual class. I am loving their eagerness to learn!

Sophomore News

Algebra II, Chemistry, and Human Body Systems


Students began using dimensional analysis to solve problems starting with how long a car travels at various speeds during the time it takes to send a text message! Check out the picture for some of the action

Algebra II:

First, 5th, and 7th hours have already completed the first unit on Matrices and have been working strong on linear equations/inequalities and absolute value equations/inequalities. Sixth hour have also completed the first unit on Matrices and are now working on solving linear equations and inequalities. Their next quiz will be around Wednesday 9/2.

Human Body Systems:

Students have been learning anatomical terminology and have started learning about how the skeletal system and other tissues help in human identification. Partners have adopted their Maniken for the year and have started giving them an identity by naming them, receiving an official adoption certificate, and giving them a face! There were several family portraits tweeted out...

It's lucky that the students have been learning so much about the skeletal system--our first major integration event is September 1st and they are going to apply their knowledge to some skeletal remains that have been found outside of ECS!

Sophomore Integration Event: Skeletal Remains found at ECS!

Tuesday, Sep. 1st, 9am to Friday, Sep. 11th, 3:30pm

2020 Frankfort Pike

Georgetown, KY

Skeletal Remains have been found outside of ECS! HBS students will have to investigate to determine the height, age, gender, and ethnicity of the remains in order to narrow down the search through missing persons reports. Once viable options are found, the investigators will use DNA analysis to determine the identity of the skeletal remains. Students will also take soil samples for chemical analysis and use algebra skills to derive and analyze linear equations to determine height.

Sophomore and Freshman Field Trip to Health Career Showcase

Thursday, Sep. 17th, 9am-2pm

333 Thomas More Parkway

Crestview Hills, KY

For the first time ever, both Freshmen and Sophomore BMS students will be traveling TOGETHER to the Health Career Showcase at Thomas More College. Students will have an hour to talk to professionals in over 40 different health career fields. They will then head back to SCHS after lunch at the Florence Mall. Students are responsible for paying for their own lunch. Permission slips are due to Dr. Adams (Sophomores) and Ms. Nickell (Freshmen) by September 10th!

The BMSV adds Colonies for AM and PM classes!

Colonies are mixed-class "family" groups so that student can get to know each other, build team-building skills, and grow our BMSV traditions. Competitive and non-competitive events will be ongoing through-out the year! Students have chosen their colony name based on a bacterial-based disease of their choice, chosen a mascot, written a motto, and designed a flag already! Stay tuned for more "Colony News"

Pre-Calculus, AP Biology, and Medical Interventions

Medical Interventions:

Students have been introduced to the Smith Family, a family they will come to know better through the year. Their first assignments have been to do some disease outbreak investigation and use bioinformatics tools to determine which infectious disease Sue Smith has contracted while away at college. They will next be using an ELISA to determine whether people she has come in contact with are also infected. In the coming weeks they will also treat Sue, determine if she has any long-term damage due to her illness, and investigate what types of preventions are available! I hope this cryptic description has made you curious about Sue and her family! Make sure to talk with an MI student about their discoveries!


Students have been working on numerous Algebra II concepts that are very important to grasp so that the new content moves smoothly this year. They took their first BIG quiz this Friday, 8/28. It was over exponents, factoring, working with polynomials, radicals, and more!

AP Biology:

Students are exploring biochemistry: the types of macromolecules, how they are formed and broken down, and their uses in the body!

Senior News

Biomedical Innovation, AP Statistics, AP Biology

Biomedical Innovation:

Students have started their first Mission--to innovate a medical device in some way--we've graduated several future bioengineers in past years and the class of 2016 is ready to take on the challenge! Students will be presenting their designs the week after labor day! During their early morning internship course, students have looked into several real-life grant opportunities and are choosing one to use as a basis for a grant proposal due in December. Students have also let Dr. Adams know whether they would like to pursue a Pharmacy technician or EKG technician certification or a General Biomedical Sciences internship. Student have also survived their first "night lab" (picture inset), a monthly meeting for 3 hours to work on long-term projects, presentations, and experiments.

AP Biology:

Students are exploring biochemistry: the types of macromolecules, how they are formed and broken down, and their uses in the body!

AP Statistics:

This group of seniors have really been working hard on keeping a growth mindset. Mrs. Wells admires their willingness to think about math a little differently! Currently, they have completed the first 3 chapters and are now in chapter 4. Just this week they completed their first Investigative Task and did an awesome job!

Dr. Julye Adams

Dr. Adams received her Ph. D. in Physiology and Biophysics from the University of KY in 2005. Her published research includes studies on Estradiol's effect on the stress response and the rostral ventral lateral medulla's role in autonomic regulation. She was recruited to Scott County to start the state's first Biomedical Sciences program. The program, which utilizes curricula from Project Lead the Way (a national STEM education organization), requires 80 hours of professional development each summer at affiliate universities. Dr. Adams also works with PLTW as a master teacher at these affiliates each summer. She is currently building a nationally ranked program and is looking forward to graduating biomedical sciences students that go on to have successful careers in medicine and research. In addition, she is also working toward receiving a master's degree in Career and Technical Education Administration at EKU.

Instagram, Twitter and SnapChat: @DrJulyeAdams

Junior News