4th Grade Specials

NFS Curriculum Update :: May & June 2016


Some groups in fourth grade are still putting the final touches on their Egyptian Canopic Jars. Once finished, students will be investigating the world of pop art. Students will be drawing, painting, sculpting, and collaging their own popular culture pieces, putting a new and more modern twist on an old favorite!


Fourth grade will spend most of May learning about digital citizenship. They will play several games to reinforce how to be safe online, and meet with Sarah Matthews to discuss netiquette and online bullying. We will finish the school year with their choice of a Readers’ Theater performance or Dewey Decimal BINGO.


I have had such a wonderful time working with this fourth grade class. They had a wonderful show last week! I am so proud of them. We will be ending the year doing a research project on a classical composer. Thank you for sharing your child with me this year!


The month of May will begin with the continuation of our hockey unit. Game play with skill work and offense/defense strategies will be the emphasis. Then we will review some of our Field Day activities along with the introduction of a few new activities to get ready for the big day. Following Field Day, the class will participate in outdoor sports that include games involving baseball/softball/kickball type activities as well as large group games that can be played on the fields. The rock wall will be used one last time along with the newly learned activity, speed cup stacking. At the end of the school year, students will have the opportunity to choose a few of their favorite games and activities that were played during the year and repeat these activities one final time before summer vacation begins.


Fourth graders take the knowledge they learned about the rock cycle and the three types of rocks (Igneous, Metamorphic and Sedimentary) and test 26 different rocks and minerals for various properties such as streak color, magnetism, luster, and hardness, which includes the Mohs hardness scale. They will record their findings and guess if the rock is Igneous, Metamorphic or Sedimentary. Students also explore fossils and have the opportunity to hold and examine over 12 different types. They then cast fossils using plaster of paris and record the procedure and observations in their journals. We will also finish learning if something is a Rock or Not, that we started discussing on our first day of the geology unit. Finally, we will learn about what lies below us and how the earth is layered. This will lead to learning about plate tectonics, Pangaea, earthquakes, and volcanoes. It will be an explosive end of the year activity!


Fourth grade Spanish class will continue to work on acquiring verb and animal vocabulary to create and describe imaginary short family narratives. The class will follow the story structure of familiar tales to assist them with sequencing and storyline. They will use structures such as “gustar” to say what they like, “tener” to describe character parts of body, and “estar” to describe where one is and how one is feeling. These will be written in the “él/ella” third person form.