Greenville Splash Masters

September News Splash

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Greenville Splash Comes in First Place at the Greenville Splash Invitational

Greenville Splash successfully hosts a long course meet with 113 swimmers from Texas, Florida, Indiana, Georgia and our neighbors in South Carolina. We had 34 Greenville Splash swimmers participate by swimming in the meet and many other teammates and friends that volunteered to time. We also have recruited a few more swimmers for our next meet!!

The following swimmers participated: Bill Robertson, Sara Bopp, Allan Byer, Susan Demere, Nick Elliott, Ginnie Freeman, Chris Harrigan, RIck Haverland, Janice Hebel, Danie Hynum, Christina Jeffrey, Tim Johnson, Mark Kothe, Doug Long, Troy McAlister, Will McWhorter, Carolyn Moore, Cheryl Quinn, Michael Roka, Tyler Scott, Neal Vestal, Tom Watson, John Yennie, Steve Stuart, Taylor McAlister, Kate Trimmer, Leslie Scott, Jenni Russell, Dwight Schaeffer, Chris Gibbs, Johnny Thon, Michael Mauhar, Andy Satterfield, Klaus Pless. Our new recruits are Rick Dhillon and Blake Leche

We had 4 first timers: Ginnie Freeman, Troy McAlister, Dwight Schaeffer and Kate Trimmer. This was their first swim meet ever and we really could not be prouder of their accomplishments! Kate and Ginnie said they had a great time and can't wait for the next meet! We also had some ex-collegiate swimmers and other ex-swimmers that came back to a meet after a long hiatus. Many of our swimmers also had remarkable drops in their times from last year's meet including Allan Byer who dropped 15 seconds in the 100 free.

We want to thank Karen Alexander for being the meet director. Also a big shout out to Jim Keogh and Will McWhorter for officiating! Kudos to the following for all their contributions to making the meet a huge success: Sara Bopp, Susan Demere, Janice Hebel, Tim Johnson, Steve Stuart, and Carolyn Moore. We especially appreciate our friends and teammates for their help timing and being a part of the team.

Greenville Splash is Phenomenal in Setting 31 State Records!

Smashing Records All Weekend Long!


18-24 Women: Jenni Russell 200 breast

50-54 Women: Carolyn Moore 200 I.M., 100 & 200 free, 100 back, 50 & 100 breast, 50 fly

55-59 Women: Susan DeMere 100 free, 200 free, 50 back, 100 back, 200 back

60-65 Women: Chris Gibbs 400 free, 50 back, 200 I.M.

65-69 Women: Christina Jeffrey 200 Breast

45-49 Men: Mark Kothe 50 free

50-54 Men: Andy Satterfield 800 free

Women's 200+ age group:

400 FREE: Janice Hebel, Cheryl Quinn, Susan DeMere, Carolyn Moore

200 MEDLEY: Susan DeMere, Janice Hebel, Chris Gibbs, Ginnie Freeman

400 MEDLEY: Cheryl Quinn, Leslie Scott, Carolyn Moore, Sara Bopp

Men's 100+ age group:

400 FREE: Tim Johnson, Daniel Hynum, Taylor McAlister, Chris Harrigan

400 MEDLEY: Michael Roka, Tom Watson, Chris Harrigan, Troy McAlister

Men's 160+ age group:

400 FREE: Steve Stuart, Tyler Scott, Troy McAlister, Mark Kothe

Men's 240+ age group:

400 FREE: Will McWhorter, Rick Haverland, Bill Robertson, Neal Vestal

200 MEDLEY: Doug Long, Rick Haverland, John Yennie, Bill Robertson

72+ MIXED age group:

200 MEDLEY: Jenni Russell, Taylor McAlister, Chris Harrigan, Kate Trimmer

100+ MIXED age group:

400 FREE: Taylor McAlister, Michael Roka, Leslie Scott, Kate Trimmer

240+ MIXED age group:

400 FREE: Doug Long, Bill Robertson, Cheryl Quinn, Carolyn Moore

400 MEDLEY: Andy Satterfield, Cheryl Quinn, Carolyn Moore, Bill Robertson

Splashing Accomplishments

Greenville Triathlon 400 meter swim, 15 mile bike, 3 mile run- We had remarkable finishes by: Michael Mauhar, Tom Carroll, Daniel Hynum, James Winkler, Brendan Sexton, Don Misko, Steve Milburn, Matthew Allenbrand, George Manos,James Winkler, Abby Russell, Cheryl Quinn, Stephanie Hance, and Andrea Beaver. Michael Mauhar wins the overall in grand style.

Lake Lure Triathlon: Awesome feats from Brain Norton, Tyler Scott, Tom Carroll and Michael Mauhar with a 3rd place overall finish.

Lake Lure Open Water 2 Mile Swim: Kiah Bellows is 2nd overall female champion and Rick Dhillon is 2nd overall men champion. We had spectacular age group wins from: Stephanie Hance, Leslie Scott, Sara Bopp, Janice Hebel, Bobby Nachman, Kevin Treu, Klaus Pless, Tyler Scott, Scott Jones and Michael Mauhar.

Langley Pond Triathlon: Outstanding finishes from Daniel Flavin and George Manos

Louisville Ironman: We had 2 swimmers fulfill life time goals of competing in their first Ironman: Kristin Meyer and Nate Leech. Congratulations for completing this incredible milestone

Congratulations to Lauren and Josh Roach on the birth of their daughter, Eleanor Elizabeth born Aug. 4!

Congratulations to Crystal and Jimmy Corr on the birth of their son, Garrett 7lbs 5oz born Aug. 21!

And of course we could not forget proud grandparents: Doug and Sally Long on the birth of their granddaughter, Stella Joanna Pastore born Aug. 18.

Upcoming Events

Sept. 14 Dam Swim for Drew Open Water Columbia, SC

Sept. 14 Swim Meet and Open Water Swim, Asheville, NC

Sept. 21 Eric Shanteau Swim for Your Life Open Water Swim, Lake Lanier, GA

Sept. 29 Swim Around Charleston 12 mile- Individual and Relay

Oct. 5 Team Outing with Klaus Pless to Greer Oktoberfest

Nov. 9-10 SCM North Carolina Championships, Charlotte, N.C

Nov. 23 5th Annual Thanksgiving Workout more info coming soon