AT&P: Photosynthesis Plan

By: Connie Lee, Kyla Freeman, and Lorena Perez

What is the photosynthesis plan?

The photosynthesis plan is 6Co2+6H2O+energy=C6H2O+6O2

Which is carbon dioxide+water+sunlight=glucose+oxygen gas

Our plan uses energy for our plan to work.

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The Energy

The photosynthesis plan obtain energy from the sun.

We get the energy from the sun and carbon dioxide goes in and oxygen comes out. Then glucose is formed.

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Our clients

We only accept plant cells as our clients because they can only use photosynthesis.

If you are a animal cell you would like our respiration plan!

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Necessary accessory for the plan is chloroplasts and vacuole.

You need the chloroplast to make your photosynthesis happen because the chloroplast is in charge of the photosynthesis system.

The large vacuole stores the food and water for the plant.


The benefit for purchasing the photosynthesis plan is that you will get food and water.


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