Character Charts

Harley ,Teaha , Marley , Catherine

Arthur Miller

Arthor -Arthur Miller- Hard worker , didn't options ,Told people what he thought .Married Marilyn Monroe.He wrote plays, was accused of being Un American /member of Communist party,he looks old. Witchcraft in 1692 and the Red Scare in 1950's. He wrote the Curcible because he was in the same place as the people in salem because people were saying we was a communist.He was famous because he wrote successful plays and for being on the spot for being a communist.


A theme of the crucible from act one would be frustration and superstitious this is because Parris daughter is very sick and can not be cured by any of there medicine so he believes it is the work of witches .


McCarthyismis the practice of making accusations of subversion or treason without proper regard for evidence.Some examples of this would be 1692 salem during the witch trails also in 1956 America during the red scare.

Literary Device /Rhetorical Davices

Literary Device /Rhetorical Davices-Dramatic Exposition , Question the charter

Back ground

Back ground-Set during 1692 in Salem ,Massachusetts , this town was full of puritans . This was during the witchcraft scare, which caused a lot of needed deaths. Had a creed that forbade anything resembling a theatre or "vain enjoyment"


Martha Corey-

Tituba - slave , from Barbados (was in the woods)

Abigai william- 17 and a orphan , Beautiful , Parris is her uncle(was in the woods)


Betty Parris - Parris is her father , she is sick in bed (was in the woods)

Susanna Walcott- Younger then Abigai, a nervous hurried girl (was in the woods)

Mary Warren - 17 , subservient , native , lonely girl , servant to John (was in the woods)

Mrs. Ann Putnam- a twisted soul of 45 haunted by her dreams

Thomas Putname- almost 50

Mercy Lewis - putnams servant , fat, sly , merciless girl of 18 (was in the woods)

John Proctor - mid 30's , has power, not easily lead, a sinner, against the moral fashion of time , against his own raisin of decent conduct

Recbecca Nurse- 72 , white hair , has a walking stick

Giles Corey -83 , he is knotted with muscle , canny , inquisitive ,and still powerful

Reverend John Hale- Knows about witch craft and how to teal if you are one

Elizabeth Proctor -

Francis Nurse-

Ezekiel Cheerver-

Marshal Herrick -

Judge Hathorne -

Deputy Governor Danforth -

Sarah Good -