Stages of labor

Ivy Murphy

First stage

  1. The longest stage and has three phases: Early labor phase, Active labor phase, and Transition phase.
  2. You start to get contractions, may get intense.
  3. Your water could break during this stage.
  4. Baby move into the pelvis, getting into birthing position.
  5. Your cervix will dilate and become thinner for the baby to pass though.

Second stage

  1. This stage involves pushing and the delivery of the baby.
  2. You will have the urge to push and feel a pressure on you stomach and lower area.
  3. The baby's head will lead its way out through the cervix.
  4. Once the head is crowing, the shoulders will be next one at a time.
  5. Relaxing is important for this stage.
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Third stage

  1. The shortest stage, also the removal of the placenta.
  2. May still have small contractions while the placenta is still inside.
  3. You may also be monitored for the next few hours to make sure everything is going well after the birth and that you are not eternally bleeding too much.
  4. Breastfeeding your baby soon after birth may also help your placenta cerebrate from the womb.
  5. The other half of the umbilical cord will also pass through with the placenta.