Panorama Innovations HK88

Versatile, High-definition Projector

About Panorama Innovations HK88

A high-quality product, the Panorama Innovations HK88 is a versatile home cinema projector that provides robust color and contrast. Users can enjoy an easy-to-view image with deep primary colors and bright whites, even in situations where significant ambient light enters the room. Panorama Innovations HK88 owners simply connect the device to existing home entertainment connections and enjoy high-definition movies and television. Ideal for casual and business settings, the projector has the capacity to create clear images on screens of up to 200 inches.

The company’s state-of-the-art HK88 employs the latest technologies, including a waveform monitor that precisely calibrates the images produced and ensures a full visual dynamic range. LED bulb technologies enable approximately 20,000 hours of lifetime viewing while power consumption is limited through an automatic eco-management function. The picture can be easily calibrated through split adjust mode. In addition, 6-bit digital processing ensures smooth gradation.