Digital Etiquette

Learn how to be a good citizen online!

Why you should think before you post?

If you post something good it can land you in better place wether its friendship or happiness. But if you post something bad you can lose your job,friends,etc.

A good posts looks like this.

Good job, Beautiful, cool, wow looks like fun, or even a simple :) will do.

Good Online Etiquette!

To have good online etiquette you should want to make someone's day by just doing a little thing like a post. You should not want to destroy someone's day and you should not just post something bad everyday. Just think of how you could make someone's day turn!


Whats a digital citizen?

Digital Citizen

Someone who is able to think critically about the ethical opportunities and challenges of the “digital world” and makes safe, responsible, respectful choices.

Remember you have a Digital Footprint/Tattoo!

Digital Footprint/Tattoo

A “trail”, is made of bits and pieces of information on one’s computer and on other computers and servers around the world