The Sacred Acre

The story of Ed Thomas

FIrst Theme: Never give up

Ed Thomas was a man of faith, living a simplistic christian life in small town Aplington Parkersburg, Iowa. He was the head football coach and had been for over thirty years when an E-F5 tornado struck the town. The tornado completely obliterated the town and all that was in it. The Thomas' house itself had been swept away in the disaster. Ed Thomas was seen as much much more than just a football coach. He was nearly the center of the town. His influence grew as he touched many young men. In the face of disaster Ed knew he had to start the rebuild. He knew people would be looking to him in this adversity and he led the greatest relief effort ever made in the state of Iowa. He helped bring a town in ruins to its feet. He had a belief that through god, anything was possible. and he showed it by doing what he did. He always told his players to never give in. He wasn't about to go against his own words. He knew he had to keep fighting and he did. Ed Thomas led Aplington Parkersburg to its new life.

Theme three: affect as many people as you can

As stated above Ed Thomas built his life around christian beliefs. He was a father figure for every player to have ever gone through his football program. He had core values in which he looked to give to his players. He had always said, ¨If all I teach you is how to block and tackle, then I have failed you as a coach.¨ He always wanted to see the best in the people around him. He knew being in his position was an amazing opportunity to let god work through him. He felt he could make a difference in his community and absolutely did so. He helped everyone as if they had been one of his own to become the best they could be. He touched thousands of lives throughout his own life. He was fatally shot on June 24 of 2009. Thousands of players returned to their hometown to attend their father figure coach's funeral.

How the themes relate

This story on Ed Thomas is one of the greatest literary works I have ever had the pleasure of reading. The themes above couldn't describe the man, they alone wouldn't do him justice. The two work together very easily. Both faintly describe the kind of man Ed was. He never gave up on any given player whether they be a starter or bench warmer. He never gave up on his community either. He affect thousands by doing so. He is an amazing man and I wish I had gotten the chance to meet him.